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Screenshosts of Simrad
  • Simrad: Boating & Navigation
  • Simrad: Boating & Navigation
  • Simrad: Boating & Navigation
  • Simrad: Boating & Navigation
  • Simrad: Boating & Navigation
  • Simrad: Boating & Navigation
  • Simrad: Boating & Navigation
  • Simrad: Boating & Navigation
Description of Simrad: Boating & Navigation

It is time to get out on the water with the new Simrad app, built to help you journey further! Whether you are out on the water for cruising, boating, fishing, diving, water sports or other activities, this is the app of choice.

If you are equipped with a Simrad display, get started by connecting your display to your phone. If not, you can just switch on the app and get going.

Find the hottest destinations for all your favorite activities with our high-resolution bathymetry charts. Power into your next trip and save your favorite routes, waypoints and trails in the app so you focus your attention on discovery and enjoyment.

It’s easy to start planning from home, or on the go, to guarantee a fun day out. Downloadable offline charts give you mapping information when you are out on the water and away from it.

With the Simrad app you get:

- Activation/Registration of your Simrad chartplotter
- Free up-to-date charts
- High resolution bathymetry charts
- Waypoints, routes and trails
- Auto routing direct to your favorite spots
- Offline maps
- Thousands of points of interest, including relevant information about marinas, harbors, beaches, shops and much more
- Real-time AIS
- Personalization of your maps
- Marine weather forecast

Functionality involving direct integration with devices Simrad requires NOS software versions of 20.0 and above. Please check for compatibility with your device model:

NSS Evo3; NSS Evo3S

The Simrad app updates on a continuous basis to make sure you get the best experience and to bring you the most up-to-date maps and functionalities. Be sure to check in for updates regularly.
C-MAP maps can be used online free. You can also purchase and enjoy downloadable maps in remote areas without connection.
Try our 14 day free trial. Some of the subscriptions we offer are:

• USA: 12 months USD 25,99
• Baltic Sea: 12 months USD 65,99
• Central European Lakes: 12 months USD 39,99
• Australia & New Zealand: 12 months USD 43,99
• Belgium: 12 months USD 39,99
• Germany: 12 month USD 39,99
• Finland: 12 months USD 43,99
• UK: 12 months USD 44,99
• Iceland & Greenland: 12 month USD 89,99
• The Netherlands: 12 month USD 28,99

Version history Simrad: Boating & Navigation
New in Simrad 1.0.31
We've fixed some bugs and made some performance improvements. We are also working on great new features coming up soon. Stay tuned!
New in Simrad 1.0.30
Fixed the issue where weather would fail to display in the app, also fixed an issue where routes exported from the app would not generate valid GPX files
New in Simrad 1.0.29
We've made a number of small enhancements and bug fixes to give you a better experience. Stay tuned for further updates!
New in Simrad 1.0.27
Introduced a big update to our place creation process: edit places by co-ordinate, choose from a greater variety of categories and colors, and apply changes to your categories and colors in bulk!
New in Simrad 1.0.26
We are making the app better for you by fixing some bugs and improving performance.
New in Simrad 1.0.25
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
New in Simrad 1.0.22
This release contains Mirroring: For NOS software versions running 20.0 and above, you’ll be able to connect to your device and display what’s on the screen
New in Simrad 1.0.21
Added some additional functionality to the places, routes and tracks screens. Now you can restore data that’s been deleted, create a route out of waypoints and export all or a subset of your places routes and tracks direct to your device
New in Simrad 1.0.20
This week we're introducing more powerful tools to manage your waypoints, routes and tracks, including filtering, selection and bulk editing.
New in Simrad 1.0.19
This release we have improved places of interest by adding Anchorages and increased the number of marinas courtesy of Navily.
New in Simrad 1.0.18
This release we are introducing a new language option to the app: Italian. We've also improved a few elements such as the home habor experience.
New in Simrad 1.0.17
Fixed an issue where rocks with known depths were not being displayed correctly on the charts. This week we're adding the moon phase to our weather forecast, this new data will help you plan your fishing trips. We’re also squashing bugs and making fixes around the app - lastly, we’ve added fuel as a category in search.
New in Simrad 1.0.14
We’ve made a number of small enhancements and bug fixes to give you a better experience. Please reach out via the in-app chat if you have any questions.
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